Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to revert custom domain back to blogspot

Blogger has given bloggers using their platform for their blogs the option of leaving the blog as a
sub-domain of or become a custom domain using the blogger's domain.

While custom domain has lots of advantages, it however suffers from the disadvantage cost wise of having to bear the annual renewal of the domain.

Now, if you no longer want to bear the cost, just how can you revert the custom domain back to the blogspot sub-domain?

The solution is to sign into (Dashboard), click the down arrow at the top right corner Blogger Dashboard drop down menu,

select SETTINGS:

Blogger Dashboard drop down menu select SETTINGS

and in the BASIC > PUBLISHING section

Blogger Dashboard Settings Basic Publishing section

just click the X icon (highlighted in red above) and the custom domain is no more and the blog will revert to the original blogspot sub-domain URL.


  1. Thanks :D
    Blogger in new looks is very hard to understand

  2. Anonymous5/09/2012

    Informative post, Thanks for sharing the tips.

  3. Will people still be able to find my posts if I do this? For example if someone pins something on Pinterest and the link is under my custom domain, will it automatically redirect to my blogspot domain?

  4. Afraid not. It is a one-way traffic from blogspot to custom domain, not the other way round.

  5. Hi Peter
    On July 6 I purchased a custom domain for my blogspot via setting-->publishing
    But till now (July 8) I check the custom domain that I purchased and said "blog is not found"
    What I want to know is, do I need to redirects the blogspot to custom domain by my self or Google will do it for me.
    And how long usually that will take ?

  6. If you have done your domain registration and conversion to custom domain via Blogger, the migration would be done automatically by Blogger and the process may take a few days. So perhaps you may need to wait a little longer.

    1. The customs domain option stop the blogger ..

  7. This is a great solution! It was so easy. Thanks!

  8. Thank you. Very much. You are the first person who has given clear and concise directions to do this and I really appreciate it!

  9. Very helpful! I've been having problems with Google and the domain setup. Thanks.


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