Monday, April 02, 2012

How to find Blogger's blog ID number? And why you may need it

Sign into Blogger. In the list of blogs, click on the blog which ID number you want (see screen shot below):

Blogger Dashboard list of blogs

Look at the address bar with the blog URL at the top of the browser and you will see ID=12345678 as highlighted in blue in the screen shot below:

Blogger blog ID number

Those numbers are your blog ID number


  1. Just wondering what you need a blog ID for?

  2. Sometimes third party services you want to use require you to provide the blog ID number

  3. Also, the blog ID no. is fixed and will not change when you change the blog title or the blog URL. Also sometimes when you require help from someone you may also be required to provide the blog ID number.

  4. Anonymous4/02/2012

    yes. If you want to remove Blogger Navigation Bar you want to find your blog Id.

  5. nice post

  6. Does this still work? I am trying to add to blogger blog, nothing is working so far. Here is my blog:
    Any suggestions?

  7. I just checked as per instructions and can confirm it still works and you can get the blog ID this way.

  8. I want to track the administrator of this blog can anyone help

  9. Thanks alot. I just needed it to create my follow link.


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