Monday, May 21, 2012

Change Blogger jump break "read more" text

Blogger has already for a long time enabled bloggers to easily create expandable post summary which they called JUMP BREAK and where the jump break start will be a link with text READ MORE.

However, some bloggers may want to change that READ MORE text to something else, for example, change it to CONTINUE READING or MORE INFO as had been done for this test post Testing Blogger jump break where the text had been successfully changed to CONTINUE READING.

This is how it can be done. Sign into Dashboard and click LAYOUT. Then in the middle of the LAYOUT click EDIT in the CONFIGURE POSTS section:

Blogger configure posts in LAYOUT

then in the relevant box, change the READ MORE text to something else like CONTINUE READING as in the example above:

change Blogger jump break text READ MORE to Continue Reading

Also, if you want to change the position/alignment of the READ MORE link, example to center instead of the default left, sign into Dashboard and in the drop down menu, click TEMPLATE, the EDIT HTML to open the template editor. Tick the [ ] Expand Widget Templates and using ctrl+F, find <data:post.jumpText/> as shown highlighted in red below:

<a expr:href='data:post.url + "#more"' expr:title='data:post.title'><data:post.jumpText/></a>

and surround the above with <div style="text-align:center;"> and </div> as shown below:

<div style="text-align:center;"><a expr:href='data:post.url + "#more"' expr:title='data:post.title'><data:post.jumpText/></a></div>

I have tested it at Computers and Internet for Communities and you can see that the jump break link is now centrally aligned.

Note: Whenever you want to edit the template, it is always wise to backup the template first before proceeding.


  1. Thanks for this! The 'read more' always annoyed me a little bit. lol

  2. Anonymous5/22/2012

    How this is different from the hack which auto does the ReadMore installation in the blog.

  3. what hack that can auto do the readmore installation?

  4. In some way the "read more" text button is helpful sometimes annoys the readers or viewers. Read more is good for me to excite the readers, they view first the snippets then if they like it they can read the full article. Good point of giving us codes on read more installation...^_^

    blogging tips

  5. Anonymous5/27/2012

    thanks forsharing usefull tips

  6. Anonymous5/28/2012

    Thanks, nice post

  7. i try hard but could noy find

    plzzzz help meeeee

  8. What template do you use for your blog?

  9. You don't need to do this, I think. Blogger has the option of choosing your text in the setting for posts on the Layout page.

    What I want to ask is, can I change the placement of "read more"? It's annoying on the left.

  10. Rishabh, thanks for alerting me. Regarding your question about changing the jump break text from the default left to center, I have edited the post to show how it can be done.

  11. Works great...Thank you!!!


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