Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to make dual language blog with one click

Some time ago I wanted to have two languages on my blog - one for my natives, one international. WordPress have a solution called WPML but it's paid solution. Second thing, I have blogger running so long I don't want to transfer.

I've found simple solution!

This method changes main/home/base adress/domain and leads to same URL on other adress/domain. It's also simple installed, just one HTML/JS widget :)

What you should do before:
1. Create two blogs in two different languages.
2. Go to Settings->Search options and make a link to your own site in "page not found code" just in case :) it can look like:
There is nothing in this link, please continue on <a href=""></a>.
Put your adress instead of mine ;)

Now in both of them in Layout, create a widget "HTML/Javascript" and paste this code:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> 
document.write ("<a href=" + window.location.protocol + "//" + "" + window.location.pathname + ">the other language name</a>"); 

Put adress of the second-language-blog in and name of language used in another blog in the other language name. 

Writing new post:
1. go to blog of first language, click New Post
2. put some title
3. put the text, images etc
4. put labels etc.

5. copy all info from points 2,3,4 to New Post in other language
6. publish posts

7. now you can edit post, change titles to the proper ones in both languages, change text in second language post etc
8. don't translate labels!!!

Procedure for new pages is exactly same :)


What you need to know:

You must have all links exact same in both languages. That's why you have to publish posts and pages with exact titles (you can edit later, but URL of post will be created at first time). Also that's the reason to have all labels exact same for all languages.

What works? Changing language while reading post, when looking for label, on archive pages.

What is not working? Every URL containing question mark (?) doesn't work. For example links to comments are not working; also changing language while looking for older posts is not -> search works by '?' sign so URLs are being shortened to everything before "?" sign. It's not so important, because most visitors will change language at first; also they probably won't be interested in comments in other language.

I've tested this solution and it works fine for me. You can check this out on my test blog.


Looks good?

This is a guest post by, photography enthusiast, Internet and communication psychologist, functional and linguistic software tester, occasional blogger. The Blog-Code Fiddler looking for
solutions that no one ever thinked about ;)

If it's the solution for you, please give me credits by linking to me to :))


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    1. Thanks :) hope it might be useful - I was looking for something similar for a lot of time till I found the answer :)

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  3. Anonymous6/20/2012

    thank's for information....... :D

  4. Anonymous6/24/2012

    Nice post, thanks for share

  5. simple and nice trick ,thanks for sharing

  6. Anonymous7/09/2012

    Interesting idea, i might use it. Thanks for the tricks.

  7. It is necessary who create blog into two language. Thanks for such a important post. You can search this site.

  8. Awesome article!! I´ve been requested to translate into two other languages and this solution rocks!

  9. Its ok but it only works if you create blog posts in the same month if you would like to add the translation for the post that is more than one month old this solution will NOT work.

    It seems like I will have to switch to wordpress, at least they have a proper solution to this task, unlike Blogger.

    1. If you are doing it for old posts - set the same date and time when posting, it will work (page url will be built same way).

      I don't like wordpress, I don't want to handle me own server, scripts, avoid viruses etc, blogger is clear and cheaper in this case.

  10. take a look in my's in two languages...

  11. Cool idea!! Thank for the Sharing of the info... i gonna try next month...

  12. Great Idea. I've started "cloning" my blog.
    The posts works perfectly. I can swap from the blog in Italian to the one in English without problems.
    BUT: the static page won't obbey me ;-(
    Is there any trick?
    Many many thanks

    1. Well, it looks that lately Blogger changed something to page naming and it may work if you give both static pages the same name (title) - or it may not. Russian roulette ;)

  13. can i make it work in three languages?

    1. Yes, of course! You just need to use three blogs instead of two and put two codes on each of them to lead to other two.

  14. Our side by side French and English blog is at .

    I am simply using this HTML code for tables.


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