Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to clear cache, cookies, browsing history

There may be times when you have made changes but don't see the changes when you view it with a browser. This may be because you are viewing a cached copies. What you need to do is to clear the cache memory.

This is how you can clear your cache memory for the following browsers:

Internet Explorer 7

Click "Tools" tab at the menu bar
Select "Internet Options"
Click on the "General" tab
Under "Browsing history", click on the "Delete" button
Click on "Delete files"
Click on "Delete cookies"
Click "Close" and "OK" to exit

Internet Explorer 8

Click "Tools" tab at the menu bar
Select "Internet Options"
Click on the "General" tab
Under "Browsing history", click on the "Delete" button
Uncheck "Preserve Favorites website data"
Ensure that both "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" are checked
Click on the "Delete" button
Click "OK" to exit

Google Chrome 18+

Click on the tool icon on the top right hand corner
Select "History"
Click "Clear all browsing data"
Ensure that both "Empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data" are checked
Click on the "Clear browsing data" button

Mozilla Firefox 11+

Click "Tools" tab at the menu bar
Select "Options"
Click on the "Privacy" tab
Under "History", click on the "clear your recent history" hyperlink
Ensure that both "Cookies" and "Cache" are checked
Click on the "Clear Now" button

Safari 5+

Click on "Safari"
Select "Empty Cache"
Click "Empty"

Click on "Safari"
Select "Preferences"
Select "Privacy" tab
Click "Remove All Website Data"
Click "Remove Now"

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

New: Blogger contact form gadget

Blogger has recently added a third party CONTACT FORM gadget to its lists of gadgets. The contact form is fluid with width conforming to the width of the section to which it had been added so you don't need to worry over how wide your contact form should be:

blogger contact form gadget

There are only 3 fields (boxes) - Name, Email and Message.

To add a contact form, sign into Blogger (Dashboard), click the down arrow of the drop down menu on the extreme right side, select LAYOUT as shown in the screenshot below:

Blogger dashboard drop down menu to layout

At the popup, click MORE GADGETS on the left side, then select CONTACT FORM.

blogger more gadgets contact form

Now whenever anyone submits the contact form, you will receive a message in your email INBOX (the email which you used as a username for your Blogger account).

If you find the Contact Form gadget too basic, there are other alternatives such as:

1. create a contact form using Google Drive (Google Docs) then use the embed code to embed it into your blog.
2. KontactR
3. eMail Contact Form Part 2

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