Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Signed in right Blogger account but no blogs? Solution

Ever have that frustrating experience of being logged into the right Blogger account but have zero blogs in the Dashboard?

Blogger: signed into correct Blogger account but no blogs in Dashboard

I have experienced this myself too and I have 2 possible solution.

First to confirm that you are actually signed into the right Blogger account. Surf to the blog which you want to do some editing or to make a new post. If you are signed into the right account, then you should be able to see the quick edit orange pencil icon and the wrench and screwdriver icon Blogger wrench and screwdriver icon.

Now all you have to do is to click the orange pencil icon to open the post editor on any post, then close it. Once the post editor is closed you should be back to your Dashboard but this time with the list of your blogs. From here you can do anything you want like to publish new post, to edit post, to get to the Layout, etc.

The second solution I found was just to change to a different browser although this may not always work.

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