Thursday, May 08, 2014

Recover deleted post together with deleted comments

Previously you should be able to recover a deleted post with original permalink together with the comments. However, something has changed and the method no longer works. However, you can still use any of the other 5 methods described in this post - How to recover deleted posts to restore the content, but it will have a different permalink and zero comment, thus having to start from scratch all over.

However, you can still recover your comments because even though the post is deleted, the comments are still saved in the Dashboard > Settings > Comments. The only thing is the comments are in ordered according to time and not according to the post, the latest comment at the top. So you would have to search for those comments which are associated with the deleted post title. So to restore the comments, use the methods described at this post - How to restore deleted comments.

if you moderate your comments via email notifications and you have not deleted those emails, you can also get the content of the comment and repost them as described above.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Adding alt, title attribute and caption for photos uploaded to Blogger

I already have a post on uploading pictures in the HTML mode and adding alt attribute to the picure, so to make it complete, let's make a post to explain to show step by step how you can add alt and title attributes as well as caption in the COMPOSE mode.

(alt attribute of the form alt="some text" will cause the "some text" to display when if for any reasons the picture cannot be displayed. It will also cause the text to be audible when a vision impaired visitor using screen reading software visit a webpage with pictures.)

Let's upload a picture here while in the COMPOSE mode of the post editor. Below will be what you will see in the post editor:

When you hover your mouse over the picture, the mouse cursor will change to a cross
Blogger uploaded picture cursor
Click on it and the picture become highlighted and a row with options appear below the picture

Click on PROPERTIES and a popup appears:
Then just type in whatever title text and alt text you find suitable and click OK and it is done.

Kelisa car wing mirror broken

Note that you can also make the picture small, medium, large, extra large, positioned left, center, right, also add caption:

Try hovering your mouse cursor on the picture above and note what you can see. Note that there is also a caption.

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