Saturday, December 13, 2014

Enhanced Categories (Menu) to include individual post

The Blogger Labels gadget (Categories) only display the labels title/heading without listing the individual posts labeled with that label. Many are not happy with that. They wants the individual posts also listed under that label heading.

While that is not provided for by the Blogger Label gadget, it can be done using the HTML/Javascript gadget, but it has to be done manually.

Let us describe how it can be done using this blog (Robotics for Children) as an example:

There are 2 individual posts each (as of 13 December 2014) for these 2 labels - Sensors and Building from scratch.

Type the title of of the first category (Sensors) and bold it by clicking on b. Add this HTML line break tag <"br> at the end to start a new line.

Open those 2 label search pages (Sensors and Building from scratch) and note down the post titles and the permalinks (individual post URLs).

Thus in the (Sensors search page, these are the post titles and post permalinks:

Post title Post URL
About Lego WeDo tilt sensor
Experiment: LEGO WeDo distance sensor (motion sensor)

Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add a gadget > HTML/Javascript gadget
You will get a pop-up window

In the title of the HTML/Javascript gadget, write it as Labels or Categories according to your preference.

Now for the first label/category which in our example is SENSORS. Type the text SENSORS and old it to make the category stands out. Add a HTML line break tag <br> to make the following text start on a new line.

Then in the box, list down the titles of the posts with that label. Highlight a post title and click on the hyperlink icon Blogger hyperlink icon.

Blogger hyperlink gadget

A pop up window will appear for you to enter the URL of that post (see screenshot below)

Blogger enter hyperlink url window

Just type or copy-paste the URL of the selected post into the URL field. Again type the line break code <br> at the end to start another new line.

Repeat for the second post (and ad infinitum).

Repeat the above for the second lable (category). The final result should look something like this:

Blogger making sub menu with labels


  1. Is there any way to add a category and transfer posts labelled for that category into a new one without having to go through each post and manually delete/change that label?

  2. Blogger have not provided a way and I do not know of any other way unfortunately.

  3. Wow Amazing :)
    Thanks For Sharing

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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