Sunday, March 01, 2015

Create Table of Content with Link List gadget

I have a previous post on how to Easily make HTML sitemap/table of content using javascript. With this script, the TOC is automatically created and once set up, new posts will be added to the TOC without needing you to update manually. Unfortunately, that script created/hosted by Abu Farhan will cause malware warning and if nothing had change since, your blog may end up locked for hosting malware.

A Table of Content (TOC) listing all individual posts can also be MANUALLY created using the Blogger Link List gadget. Go to Layout > Add a gadget > Add a Link List gadget
(see pitfalls to avoid)

Blogger Link List gadget

On clicking to add Link List, you will get a Configure Link List window:

configure Link List window

So now all you need to do is to enter the New Site Name [which is the title of the post] and the New Site URL [which is the address/URL of the post. Do this one by one. I would suggest that you start with the oldest post first so that when you need to update the TOC with a new post, it can be easily added to the top of the Table of Content.

(IMPORTANT: http:// has already been added to New Site URL (underlined with red line below:). If your link already have the http:// in front, make sure to delete that http:// before you add your link, otherwise it would end up as htto://http:// and your link will be broken)

Blogger enter hyperlink url window

MAKE SURE EACH TIME A POST IS ADDED TO CLICK [ADD LINK] Blogger configure link list ADD LINK. When ADD LINK is clicked, you will see it listed as shown below:

Repeat the above till you have added all the posts that you want added to this "Table of Content" and REMEMBER TO SAVE when finished.

Now each time you publish a new post, you will then need to go to LAYOUT, edit the LINK LIST GADGET and add in the new post into your "Table of Content".

I have used this method to add a Table of Content for this Robotics for Children blog and for now you would see it at the top of the second right side bar.

Pitfalls to avoid

1. Remember not to have 2 http:// in your hyperlink, example http:// which will become broken link.
2. After adding each post title and url, remember to click ADD LINK
3. Remember to click SAVE when you finish.


  1. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for taking the trouble to prepare this very helpful step by step process. I think I had worked my way towards this solution just prior to reading your advice but it is so reassuring to know that I have got it right and have been moving in the right direction - at last!
    I'm sure this will be a great help to others.

  2. Please help me out. I want to add home, about, contact and feedback on my blog please contact through Google +

  3. Please contact me

  4. Prince Goodluck, you can easily do that by publishing static pages for ABOUT, CONTACT, FEEDBACK, then go to Dashboard > Layout > Add a gadget > Page gadget.


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