Sunday, March 01, 2015

How to get blog or post URL (address)

You may want to give something to your friends to enable them to come view your blog, or you may be asking for help at help forums and requested to give the blog or post URL (web address)

The URL or in layman's term, web address of a webpage is that string starting with http:// or https:// which you see at the top of a browser in what is referred to as the ADDRESS BAR (see screenshot below, URL underlined in red):

webpage address bar

So to get the web address, just highlight it in the address bar, right-click and select copy to copy to the clipboard.

Other ways to get the blog or post address is to go to your blog Dashboard. For the blog address, right-click on the VIEW BLOG tab and select COPY LINK ADDRESS to copy to clipboard:

get blog address from view blog in dashboard

To get the post URL (address, also called permalink), if the list of all posts is not already displayed in the Dashboard, click POSTS in the left sidebar (you can also only list unpublished drafts by clicking DRAFT or only published posts by clicking PUBLISHED. See screenshot below):

Dashboard list posts tabs

When the list of posts get displayed, right-click on the VIEW tab of that posts and select COPY LINK to copy to clipboard (see screenshot below):

Dashboard copy post address from list of posts

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