Saturday, November 28, 2015

How to make Google Drive file private

If you want to make a file in your Google Drive and only invited people can view, there is a way to do it.

1. Click the SHARE tab at the top right corner

2. After clicking SHARE, you will get a pop-up. Click the down arrow and choose CAN VIEW, then type in the email addresses of those people you allow to view

3. Click the tab DONE after you have type in the email addresses, and now if someone not invited try to open the file to view, he or she will see a YOU NEED PERMISSION message:

Monday, November 09, 2015

How to display image in blog title

Step 1: Upload image to the web, eg, using the Blogger post editor
Step 2: Get the image url which if you use Blogger would be a long url
Step 3: Shorten the long image url using to get a short url
Step 4: Go to (Dashboard > Settings > Basic > Title: add this code
<img src="shortened image url" />
to the blog title, position as per your reference

Elaboration of the steps described above

Step 1. Upload the image, among possibilities, create a post using the HTML mode of the Blogger post editor. (this post can be saved as draft if you do not want it to be visible)

Step 2. In the post, look for a batch of code starting with <img src="http://......" /<. Type ctrl+F and search for src to quickly find the image address/url

Step 3. It is likely the http://.... will be a long web address/url. Shorten it using

Step 4. From Step 3. Copy from there the code <img src="http://......." /< into Notepad where the http://...... is a long web address/url

Step 5. In Step 4, replace the long http://..... web address/url with the shortened url from (

Step 6. Log into (Dashboard > Settings > Title

Step 7. Paste the code <img src="" /< in front or behind the blog title depending on your preference.

Step 8. Save arrangement

Example: how the tiny image was added to Testing Blogger Beta
After uploading the image at test image
The code displaying the image is

<a href="" imageanchor="1" ><img border="0" src="" /></a>

The highlighted image web address/url (highlighted in red) is

Copy-paste the above into, it gets shorten to

Replace the long image url (highlighted in red) with

The code to display the image then become
<img src="" /<

Add this img tag to the Blog Title.

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