Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hyperlink: Internal link, link to another spot in the same post

Suppose you are writing a long post and you want to link from a particular spot A to another spot B in the same post/webpage. The way to do this is (you will have to use the HTML mode of the post editor):

At A, write the code <a href="#XXXXX">some words to describe spot B</a>

For example, I want to link this spot to a spot with title Chapter 1 below. Here I write Chapter 1 (<a href="#chapter1">Chapter 1</a>)
Try clicking the highlighted Chapter 1 above and see what happen.

The at B, if there is a title, write the code <h2 id="xxxxx">"Title describing spot B</h2>

For example, I want visitors to land at spot below when they click the Chapter 1 above on the spot below, I will then write below:

Chapter 1

(<h2 id="chapter1">Chapter 1</h2>)
You would have ended up here when you click the Chapter 1 at the top.

The way to create an internal link (link to a different spot within the same post/webpage)

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