Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to get URL of commentator

We sometimes get questions about how to get the web address/URL of a commentator in our blog. has not provided any way to do that. However, there is a way to guess, depending how high traffic, specific circimstances, sometimes quite accurately, the URL if you have installed for visitors statistics.

First, sign into and navigate to your project (blog). Then check RECENT CAME FROM
And there will see


Just check for corresponding date and time of the comment and the relevant entry pages and under REFERRER you will see the URL

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Blogging software - Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal, Joomlah, etc

The very first step of starting a blog is a decision on which blogging platform or software to use for the blog. The choices are plenty, as you can see from the list at Wikipedia: Blog software, but we will first concentrate on the 2 most popular free ones - and, both of which are hosted for free, and of which the software is free and open source but you will to host the blog yourself (meaning you will have to pay a webhost to host your blog for you). own by Google

Blogger is a very user friendly blogging software to use for your blog plus it is backed by a financial giant Google. and

Google Blogger: How to delete blog and change template

Blogger has been changing things around in the Settings. What used to be Templates they now call it Theme so if you are looking for Template in Blogger settings Templates, you will be asking where is Templates to change template, you will be highly disappointed.

Not only Tenplates. Blogger has also put the tab/link to DELETE BLOG. It used to be that to delete blog,

we sign into > Dashboard > Settings > Basic > and the link/tab to delete blog is right at the top.

Now to delete blog, you have to
sign into > Dashboard > Settings > Others and DELETE BLOG and DELETE BLOG is just like above, right at the top.

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