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Most corporations starts off a description of themselves with a motto and a mission so here we follow suit:

Google's Moto: Don't be evil
BT&T's moto: Don't be evil too (yes, copycat, but why not when it is such a good one?)
Update 8 November 2010: Have informed Google about possible copying and now awaiting response. Will remove this if informed of any infringement

Mission: To be a great resource for bloggers with clear, easy to understand descriptions and instructions. After all, this blog's life actually began as Blogger for Dummies but Blogger Tips and Tricks was birthed because of trademark issues.

If anyone feels that I and/or Blogger Tips and Tricks had not fulfilled any of the above, do let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me via my contact form

How to help yourself


This blog (BT&T) was started when I found out that the "for Dummies" in my first blog Blogger for Dummies is a trademark of Wiley Publishing. The purpose of this blog is the same, namely to provide easy to read and understand tips and tricks and useful information for bloggers. Some people have commented that "for Dummies" is an offensive and insulting word. Me, I that that phrase as indicating a source of easy to understand information and instructions.

How to find help, topics and information quickly

Many bloggers looking for help uses this blog. Of course you can email me, but before you do that, try to find the information first yourself.

1. Use the search box above which searches not only this blog, but other blogs as well.

2. Look for the relevant post in the sitemap. Use ctrl+F and suitable keywords to find what you want

3. Check the list of LABELS (Blogger.com's term for categories)

4. Search the recent post titles in current month archive or browse the earlier months archives


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