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  1. I would like to change my logon email from to I have abandoned my verizon account and have opened AOL account. Please help. I am unable to get this done online. Can you help?

  2. Invite your other email as blog member make it the admin then if you wish with your new admin remove the original admin after you have made sure you can log in as admin with your new email

    For more details refer to How to change email address for login

  3. Hii.
    yesterday i'v seen a blog which have without post on home page. i want to know how to do that, how to disable post in home page? blog is

    can u help me? please.

  4. That looks like a blog set to display only a single post which is made the latest post and appear in homepage and the links created to other posts, pages and external links

  5. I'd like to copy the links in my Blogger blogroll gadget to a links widget in Wordpress blog. I know there's a way to import OPML to Wordpress and I thought perhaps I could use Google Reader as a converter, but I can't figure it out. This would save me the great trouble of copying and pasting individual links. Suggestions...?

  6. Hi Peter. I think what you're doing is amazing. Here's my question, couldn't find the answer anywhere.

    Started a blog. (blogspot) Want to publicly follow, but don't want my private sign in email to be associated with public following.

    Is it possible to follow without anyone seeing my sign in email?

    Is there any way to have a private (non-gmail) sign in email and a "public" (for followers) gmail? address?

    Thank you

  7. When you refer to FOLLOW, I assume you are referring to following a blog and not Twitter etc. As far as I know, your email address is not exposed and at the most, you would only be able to find the Blogger Profile of a follower. I just tested by checking on one of those following this blog and confirmed that.

  8. I've looked through everything I could possibly find about this but am unable to find any answers so I've come to you. I like the way this blog ( doesn't show anything about comments on the home page, but when you click the post title link, it opens the post into a page in itself and there you are able to view/leave comments. I tried an expandable post put couldn't figure out how to just leave the comments to be expanded. Any help would be much much appreciated. Thanks for all you do! my blog -

  9. That is done using conditional tags to exclude homepage and searching for the code in the template itself and adding the conditional tag. For the moment don't feel like testing it out.

  10. Hello sir
    I made a blog for latest job, bank job, governmnet job, exam paper, trick, interview, personality skill, ebook and career rersource.
    Earlier it was coming in gosgle search but now not coming properly.
    When i search my blog url
    all posts of till august is coming on google search but posts of september is not coming.Please tell me what ido?
    Will i remover my blog from webmaster's blog and than again submit it or what i do?
    alsowhen i edited and changed m y template due to mistakegoogle verification code was deleted . But on my webmaster dahborad of google blog is verified .

    Please see and tell mewhat i have to ?
    I am doing lots of blog feed and other directory submission but not getting effected.

    Earlier it had 4000-5000 pagvies but not it have only near about 600-700 per day

    Please help me .
    my email id is

  11. You should ask this question at the webmaster help forum

  12. I emailed this question to you at bloggerfor dummies@gmail, but I thought I'd try this also just in case. For some reason nobody can follow me using the blogger navbar "follow" (it says they are following BUT I'm not on their dashboard and they are not on my followers list) and when my address is manually added to the ADD URL line on the dashboard there is an error code bx-9hnxbd. I can't find info about that error anywhere. I was finally able to add a Follow button to the right column using the GFC button generator and blogger HTML gadget and it works. But for some reason my standard blogger buttons do not seem to want to sync with Google Friend Connect? ANY ideas would be appreciated. I asked this question in blogger help, tried firefox, google chrome, and opera, cleared my cache...Nothing helped?
    my blog**
    You are my only hope :)

  13. Anonymous11/13/2011

    How are you?
    How old is your blog?

  14. Hey Pete, thanks for posting this one here. This is exactly what I'm looking for now. Though would you mind if you have an idea on submission form that can also fetch or submit attachments like docs or images? I am planning for a submission with that for my always10 - top 10 list site and want my readers to engage by writing and submitting those to me through that account?

  15. That would require direct access to the web server to which we do not have

  16. Hello sir
    I was trying to customize my blog template but i might have made some mistakes.. now i couldnt get access to my blog... it just shows a black screen.. i have gone throug youe post to restore and undelete and tried all the methods but i could find a solution to my problem.. will it not trouble you if i ask you to kindly look into my problem.. thanks in advance... i blog at

  17. If this is your blog I have no problem viewing it with my Chrome browser. If you still have problem why don't you try view it with a different browser?

  18. my blog is the following, sorry for not including it with my question.....nick

  19. Hey there! I've stumbled upon your blog and I figured you might be the best person to help me. I have tried to make some changes on my blog using the HTML and now I might have ruined it. All my comments have disappeared and the comments segment is completely broken as you'll be able to see after accessing my blog and clicking on one of my posts such as this one . I really need your magic to make my comments come back. Can you do that, please? best regards, Sara

  20. Perhaps you can try resetting things like resetting comments and if that didn't help perhaps load a fresh template

  21. i cant make using google doc. can you give us tutorial with image?

  22. What do you want to do with images in Google Docs (drive)?


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