I went to Google Blogger to get the answer I looked for just exactly you posted here. Theirs did not work, but, yours did! You should get a job with Google and fire those people who don't know what they're doing or talking about!

Your help was tremendous! THANK YOU!!

Your site has been a revelation. This is the first time i have come across easy to use blogger instructions.

lifesaver! thanks
IxD said...

Thanks for this great post. All the steps were easy to follow and worked first time :)
Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I spent hours trying to implement the CSS code suggested on Blogger's help site. Yours worked the first time round!
Linden said...

Awesome! I have tried three or four times to do this using Blogger's instructions, but it never worked. Following your clear instructions, it worked the first time! Thanks!!! I've made a link to your blog on my page in return. Thanks again

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