Sunday, March 01, 2015

How to get blog or post URL (address)

You may want to give something to your friends to enable them to come view your blog, or you may be asking for help at help forums and requested to give the blog or post URL (web address)

The URL or in layman's term, web address of a webpage is that string starting with http:// or https:// which you see at the top of a browser in what is referred to as the ADDRESS BAR (see screenshot below, URL underlined in red):

webpage address bar

So to get the web address, just highlight it in the address bar, right-click and select copy to copy to the clipboard.

Other ways to get the blog or post address is to go to your blog Dashboard. For the blog address, right-click on the VIEW BLOG tab and select COPY LINK ADDRESS to copy to clipboard:

get blog address from view blog in dashboard

To get the post URL (address, also called permalink), if the list of all posts is not already displayed in the Dashboard, click POSTS in the left sidebar (you can also only list unpublished drafts by clicking DRAFT or only published posts by clicking PUBLISHED. See screenshot below):

Dashboard list posts tabs

When the list of posts get displayed, right-click on the VIEW tab of that posts and select COPY LINK to copy to clipboard (see screenshot below):

Dashboard copy post address from list of posts

Create Table of Content with Link List gadget

I have a previous post on how to Easily make HTML sitemap/table of content using javascript. With this script, the TOC is automatically created and once set up, new posts will be added to the TOC without needing you to update manually. Unfortunately, that script created/hosted by Abu Farhan will cause malware warning and if nothing had change since, your blog may end up locked for hosting malware.

A Table of Content (TOC) listing all individual posts can also be MANUALLY created using the Blogger Link List gadget. Go to Layout > Add a gadget > Add a Link List gadget
(see pitfalls to avoid)

Blogger Link List gadget

On clicking to add Link List, you will get a Configure Link List window:

configure Link List window

So now all you need to do is to enter the New Site Name [which is the title of the post] and the New Site URL [which is the address/URL of the post. Do this one by one. I would suggest that you start with the oldest post first so that when you need to update the TOC with a new post, it can be easily added to the top of the Table of Content.

(IMPORTANT: http:// has already been added to New Site URL (underlined with red line below:). If your link already have the http:// in front, make sure to delete that http:// before you add your link, otherwise it would end up as htto://http:// and your link will be broken)

Blogger enter hyperlink url window

MAKE SURE EACH TIME A POST IS ADDED TO CLICK [ADD LINK] Blogger configure link list ADD LINK. When ADD LINK is clicked, you will see it listed as shown below:

Repeat the above till you have added all the posts that you want added to this "Table of Content" and REMEMBER TO SAVE when finished.

Now each time you publish a new post, you will then need to go to LAYOUT, edit the LINK LIST GADGET and add in the new post into your "Table of Content".

I have used this method to add a Table of Content for this Robotics for Children blog and for now you would see it at the top of the second right side bar.

Pitfalls to avoid

1. Remember not to have 2 http:// in your hyperlink, example http:// which will become broken link.
2. After adding each post title and url, remember to click ADD LINK
3. Remember to click SAVE when you finish.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Enhanced Categories (Menu) to include individual post

The Blogger Labels gadget (Categories) only display the labels title/heading without listing the individual posts labeled with that label. Many are not happy with that. They wants the individual posts also listed under that label heading.

While that is not provided for by the Blogger Label gadget, it can be done using the HTML/Javascript gadget, but it has to be done manually.

Let us describe how it can be done using this blog (Robotics for Children) as an example:

There are 2 individual posts each (as of 13 December 2014) for these 2 labels - Sensors and Building from scratch.

Type the title of of the first category (Sensors) and bold it by clicking on b. Add this HTML line break tag <"br> at the end to start a new line.

Open those 2 label search pages (Sensors and Building from scratch) and note down the post titles and the permalinks (individual post URLs).

Thus in the (Sensors search page, these are the post titles and post permalinks:

Post title Post URL
About Lego WeDo tilt sensor
Experiment: LEGO WeDo distance sensor (motion sensor)

Go to Dashboard > Layout > Add a gadget > HTML/Javascript gadget
You will get a pop-up window

In the title of the HTML/Javascript gadget, write it as Labels or Categories according to your preference.

Now for the first label/category which in our example is SENSORS. Type the text SENSORS and old it to make the category stands out. Add a HTML line break tag <br> to make the following text start on a new line.

Then in the box, list down the titles of the posts with that label. Highlight a post title and click on the hyperlink icon Blogger hyperlink icon.

Blogger hyperlink gadget

A pop up window will appear for you to enter the URL of that post (see screenshot below)

Blogger enter hyperlink url window

Just type or copy-paste the URL of the selected post into the URL field. Again type the line break code <br> at the end to start another new line.

Repeat for the second post (and ad infinitum).

Repeat the above for the second lable (category). The final result should look something like this:

Blogger making sub menu with labels

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to add a picture to the post title or description

So you want a picture appended to your blog title and/or blog description. No sweat.

I have found that it is possible to put HTML tags in the post title which means that you just have to add a <img> tag

Sign into Blogger (Dashboard > Settings > Basic > At the top will be the boxes (fields) for typing in the blog title and blog description.

Thus if you want an image followed by the post title, you will then type into the field for the post title the following:

<img src="picture url" /> "put the post title here without the quotes" replacing "picture url" with the actual picture url and "post title" with the actual post title. Below a screenshot to illustrate:

picture before post title

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rearrange Blogger labels, share buttons, comments

Here is how easily to rearrange the position of Blogger's labels, share buttons and comments in the posts. Just go to the Dashboard, click the down arrow and select LAYOUT:

Blogger Layout Select highlighted

Then in the Blog posts section in the middle of LAYOUT, click EDIT and you will get a pop-up and at the bottom will be a REARRANGE ITEMS section. Hover your mouse cursor over any item and the cursor changes to a cross:

Blogger Blog posts section rearrange items

Just drag and drop the selected item to your desired location and click SAVE.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Solution to Youtube embed code problem

Something has gone wrong with sharing a video with an embed (iFrame) code. The embedded video doesn't play when the play button is clicked and also nothing happens when we try to click on the Youtube icon to take us to the Youtube website with the video.

The embed code is broken and now looks like this:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You will notice that the required http: is missing from the Youtube link. You can try to correct this by editing it to include the missing http:

But after publishing, the video will still not play. So what is the solution? Fortunately there is a simple solution - instead of adding http:, add https: instead so the embed code will now looks like this:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Recover deleted post together with deleted comments

Previously you should be able to recover a deleted post with original permalink together with the comments. However, something has changed and the method no longer works. However, you can still use any of the other 5 methods described in this post - How to recover deleted posts to restore the content, but it will have a different permalink and zero comment, thus having to start from scratch all over.

However, you can still recover your comments because even though the post is deleted, the comments are still saved in the Dashboard > Settings > Comments. The only thing is the comments are in ordered according to time and not according to the post, the latest comment at the top. So you would have to search for those comments which are associated with the deleted post title. So to restore the comments, use the methods described at this post - How to restore deleted comments.

if you moderate your comments via email notifications and you have not deleted those emails, you can also get the content of the comment and repost them as described above.

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