Haloscan commenting system: Problems

I used the Haloscan commenting system in one of my blogs Natural Remedies because someone asked and I need to get some experience so that I can respond. However, I have been having problems because I set the comments for moderation, but each time I get an email notification, click on the link, I get to a page to post a comment. This has been going on for some time, but I got another 3 Haloscan comments to approve. This is the last straw, and I will have to take time off from my other tasks to take care of this one first.

Maybe it is because I am quite satisfied with the Blogger commenting system and don’t care so much for the Haloscan system, and probably there is something I don’t know. If any of you happen to be using Haloscan system, and you can provide some useful feedback, will highly appreciate you leaving them in the comments (Blogger commenting system for this blog).

Meantime, I will just show what is the problem I am facing.

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