Thursday, July 04, 2013

Required field must not be blank - solution

Any blogger who recently have tried to add or edit a gadget (page element) which did not have a title for the gadget must have come across this problem - the gadget cannot be saved without a title. Error message - "Required field must not be blank"

Blogger gadget save problem - required title field must not be blank

One way to solve the problem is of course to give them what they want - a title for the gadget. But then many don't want that, so how?

There is a simple solution, a trick if you may, to this problem. Put the HTML comment tag

<!-- -->

into the box (field) for the title. Such HTML comment tag will not be displayed in any browser.

Update: Another way will be to just type the space bar once. This may be a better solution as typing the comment tag <!-- --> will result in <!-- --> being displayed in the Archive gadget.

Blogger gadget title field with HTML comment tag

Further, if you wish you can put some texts between the comment tag, it too will not be displayed

<!-- these text will not be displayed -->

Note: Had I typed in the comment tag exactly as you see it above, it would be invisible to you. You may be interested in how I got around it. Refer to How to display special characters or ways to display HTML tags in posts and comments

Additional note: For those not familiar with HTML comment tag and not confident about how the comment tag will appear after posting, you can try a test post or just copy-paste the following script:

<!-- this is a pair of HTML comment tag -->

into the post editor, Preview, and presto, the comments disappear!


  1. thank you!!! this has been bothering me to no end

  2. This was very helpful. I would have never guessed that you could do this. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your feedback jbrobeck. BTW I am in the process of preparing a free Passwords Tips and Tricks eBook which explain various systems I have used to create easily remembered strong/long password. Would you be interested? If interested, contact me at Email me

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    Blogger Tips and Tricks

  4. Aw, great - very helpful!!

  5. Genius! Thank you!

  6. Thanks! Trying out bloggers new templates..and this was irritating me to no end! Your site came right up on google...great info!! Worked!

  7. thanks alot peter, i'm having a problem with header tags, i mean how to define h1,h2... for blogger blogs? plz help me.

  8. I think the easiest would be to do the editing direct in the template by clicking the LAYOUT (now called DESIGN) then EDIT HTML then look for the following

    /* Headings
    ----------------------------------------------- */

    h2 {
    margin:1.5em 0 .75em;
    line-height: 1.4em;

    and edit or add whatever attributes you want. If you also want to control h1 h3 etc and you can't find it in the template you can always define your own like for example

    h3 (

    Preview and if satisfied, save.

  9. God bless you my dear! thank you very much !

  10. Apologies, those brackets ( ) should have been curly brackets { }

  11. I tried <'b'><'/b'> and it worked for me! (Minus single quote markd of course.)

  12. Thank you for this valuble information. we had occuered the problem in our flash message area under the menu. There was no need of a heading. so, i put a full stop at there even it was unfair.
    Now i solved the problem after read ur post.

    Thank you

  13. Thanks Peter for the tips. You have ease my pain. Recently I tried to save the widget without title and it give me the error message (>_<) Now I knew how to overcome this problem. Once again Thanks Peter for sharing it with us.

  14. Thanks! I have been editing the template to hide titles. This will make it much easier.

  15. Thanks for the tip. Sometimes Google change things for the better and at other times it becomes an annoyance. This tip should help me to avoid putting a title for the widget.

    Earlier I could leave it blank, but when blogger changed the feature, I resort to using period (.) which was still noticeable.

    Well at least now I can show nothing!

  16. Thank you, Peter. You are the man! I can't get enough of your tips!

  17. It no more happens.It was doing that stupid thing for 1 month or so but now it no longer does that.But thanks for the tip! If that stupid thing tries to happen again then I will use this tip.

  18. Hello Peter, you're a such a godsend. I have tried a couple of tips and tricks from this site and they all worked out just fine. This one, however, did not. I suppose my problem is a different thing altogether.

    I am using a third party template for blogger, and it has a header widget for both title and image. I don't want to use the "text title" facility for the header because I am using a png image for the blog title instead. I tried the scripts you suggested but got error messages a number of times.

    What do suggest I do?

  19. Apologies, don't understand "has a header widget for both title and image"?

  20. Sorry for the confusion. It was not a widget I was referring to, but the page element "header."

  21. Now page element, gadget and widget seemed to be used interchangably.

    So you are referring to page element title/header?

    But below you again mention blog title?

    What is the relationship between the 2?

  22. Found the solution. Went to edit HTML, then I deleted an entire block of codes:

    Thanks for probing so you could help; I just got into this solution by accident (trial and error, delete and preview).

  23. Hi Peter, I have a question about widget.

    On Simple Template by Josh Peterson, I've tried to remove default footer. Because I wanna more space, but still adding URL attribution to him.

    Exactly it's locked widget (without button 'remove'). And I switch locked='true' to 'false' for the widget. Now I found button 'remove' on it.
    But everytime I remove it and saved the pages, it's still appear again.

    Can you solved my problem, Peter ?

    It's nice to found your blog here. Thank's before.


  24. woah!! thanks for your tricks.. it help!

  25. Thanks For nice information about this. It's really help to me.

  26. Good idea, but displays in archive.

  27. Thank you! Blogger is being really annoying lately!

  28. Your solution could not work for me because I have a background around my post titles. So the background showed up without any wording. What I did was this, and then nothing at all--no background even--showed up:

    (tag opening [Google won't let me put a "<"])style(tag closing [Google won't let me put a ">"]) {
    (tag opening [Google won't let me put a "<"])/style(tag closing [Google won't let me put a ">"])

  29. Thank you for very helpful information!

  30. Susie, Try typing in just a space (ie. click the ENTER key)


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