Required field must not be blank – solution

Any blogger who recently have tried to add or edit a gadget (page element) which did not have a title for the gadget must have come across this problem – the gadget cannot be saved without a title. Error message – “Required field must not be blank”

Blogger gadget save problem – required title field must not be blank

One way to solve the problem is of course to give them what they want – a title for the gadget. But then many don’t want that, so how?

There is a simple solution, a trick if you may, to this problem. Put the HTML comment tag

into the box (field) for the title. Such HTML comment tag will not be displayed in any browser.

Update: Another way will be to just type the space bar once. This may be a better solution as typing the comment tag will result in being displayed in the Archive gadget.

Blogger gadget title field with HTML comment tag

Further, if you wish you can put some texts between the comment tag, it too will not be displayed

Note: Had I typed in the comment tag exactly as you see it above, it would be invisible to you. You may be interested in how I got around it. Refer to How to display special characters or ways to display HTML tags in posts and comments

Additional note: For those not familiar with HTML comment tag and not confident about how the comment tag will appear after posting, you can try a test post or just copy-paste the following script:

into the post editor, Preview, and presto, the comments disappear!

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