Alert: Individual post page (permalink) can sometimes be blank pages, and what you need to do

Recently I answered a question on the Google Blogger Help forum by including a link to How to build traffic to your blog (click “BACK” button to get back to this page). She alerted me to the fact that the link leads to a blank page. I checked and found that it does lead to a blank page. I went the Dashboard of that blog, get to the “EDIT POST” tab, and click “VIEW” in that post, and got a blank page too. I copied the URL and pasted it into the address bar – same result. I tested to see if it is something in the post that lead to this problem by copying word for word (in the EDIT HTML mode, everything in the post editor and pasted it in a new post Duplicate: How to build traffic to your blog (click “BACK” button to return to this page) and the post was viewable, so it wasn’t anything in the post. Someone with the nickname Wasted posted that I may need to republish the whole blog. I did that and sure enough, that problem post was viewable again.

So folks, perhaps it may be a good idea to republish the whole blog once in a while to ensure that you don’t face a similar problem. You wouldn’t want to view your individual post page one by one to verify that the problem don’t exist. Anyway, I think I will also alert Blogger support of this problem, and hope that a similar problem will not exist in the Blogger Beta blogs.

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