Blogger Post Editor HTML mode and COMPOSE mode

To write a post and upload photos etc., first sign into (Dashboard). Then either click the orange quick edit pencil icon Blogger orange quick edit pencil icon to open the Blogger post editor.

The Blogger post editor has 2 mode, the HTML mode or the COMPOSE (WYSIWYG) mode. Below is a screenshot of the post editor in the HTML mode:

Blogger post editor HTML mode

If you click [COMPOSE], it will then change to the COMPOSE (What You See Is What You Get) mode with a more comprehensive tool bar:

Blogger post editor COMPOSE mode

You can toggle between the COMPOSE mode and the HTML mode by clicking on the respective tab at the top left of the post editor.

At the top of the post editor is the toolbar. Mouse over the icons and a tool tip will appear telling you what the icon is for. For example, mouse over the icon that looks like a picture and a tool tip “INSERT IMAGE” will pop up:

Blogger insert image icon

In the above screenshot next and to the right of the upload photo icon you will see a “movie clapper” icon which is the video upload icon. This and many other icons will only appear in the COMPOSE mode.

To upload a picture, just click on the insert picture icon, browse to the picture you want to upload in your computer, after uploading, click on the uploaded picture to select it, then chose whether you want it centered, aligned left or right, etc.

There will also be other text formatting icons. Below are the various icons, from left-to-right:

Font size
Font color
Background color
Justify text
Ordered (numbered) list
Unordered (bullet) list
Spell check
Upload image
Remove formatting from selection

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