How BlogExplosion can ‘explode’ traffic to your blog

You spend all night setting up your very own blog, but in short time you realize nobody is coming to read it. Furthermore now that you have a blog what do you do next?
That’s where BlogExplosion comes in. Imagine joining a blogging community where people can find and read your blog, get your blog reviewed or even chat with other bloggers all around the world!

Whether you like to talk about politics, business, your wedding, family or simply enjoy sharing your life experiences on your blog with other people BlogExplosion is a great way to expand the number of people that read your blog!

You can get more traffic to your blog via BlogExplosion in different ways. For every two blogs you visit via BlogExplosion, another will visit your blog. So the more you surf, the more visitors will visit your site. Remember to add a Visitor Counter (click “BACK” button to get back to this page) to your blog so that you can see the visitors coming in.

There is also a referral system for BlogExplosion whereby you will be given a link or a banner and people who join via that link, a portion of their traffic will be added to yours. This referal system is 4 levels deep, so a portion of the traffic generated by others who join through the person you referred to BlogExplosion will also be added to yours too. Also, you can add a MyBlogDirectory to your site, and when others want to be listed in your (and other’s) directory (and BlogExplosion’s directory) joined via MyBlogDirectory will also be added to your referrals .

To read more about MyBlogDirectory, and how MyBlogDirectory can increase traffic to your blog, see “How to make a blog directory for your blog”.

Update: I have an AdSense account, and I have been hearing reports of people getting their account suspended without being given the reasons for the suspension. So, being careful, I contacted AdSense Help about using a traffic exchange like BlogExplosion. Their reply was not specific, just that we have to be careful and that the responsibility lies with us. I have since stopped using BlogExplosion for sites which have AdSense ads. There are others who are of opinion that it is OK to use BlogExplosion. You decide for yourself or you may want to seek clarification from AdSense Help Center yourself or from other AdSense users at the Google AdSense Help group.

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