How to contact Blogger support?

Update 30 March 2008: This should have come earlier, but so short of time. Now you can only contact Blogger support for account and TOS (Terms of Service) issues via Blogger Support Contact Form. If you are not already signed into Blogger, you may have to sign in before you get to the Contact form.. All other requests for support should be directed to Google Blogger Help group. I am also providing support at Blogger General Discussions. Note also the email address given below cannot be used anymore. However, if you have a suggestion, you can try Blogger Wishlist.

Update 21 October 2007: Blogger keeps changing the way they can be contacted and I have given up updating this post. If you want, just try your luck. I couldn’t get through just as another blogger (see latest comment) but there was another comment where a blogger said he got a reply but his problem still not solved. Wish I remember which post it was made as I would like to ask him how he got through. BTW a Blogger representative says Blogger support do read the messages but will not reply unless they want further information.

Update 12 November 2006: This post is out of date. Please refer to post How to contact Blogger Support updated (close new window to get back to this page). Please make sure you read the updates there.

Update 23 October 2006: Recently, Blogger has made it very difficult to contact Blogger support. The links to the contact form have now lead to a new page. Will update if I have any further information. In the meantime, you are encouraged to use the Help files and the Google Blogger Help group.

Blogger support makes their contact form or email difficult to find as they want support seekers to first use their HELP section. You should also try searching through, or posting your problem to the Google Blogger Help group: Blogger Help Google group. Look also into Blogger Buzz and Blogger Status to make sure it is not a known issue that can be solved on your own. If it is anything connected to Blogger Beta, look into Known Issues in Blogger Beta.

When you have done that, and you can’t solve your problem, or it is not a known problem, then go to Blogger “Talk to us”
and submit your problem there.

Update: Blogger has changed the URL to the contact form. The new way to get in touch with them is via CONTACT US. (close new window to get back to this page)

You may also try to email You will very rarely get a human response. Expect an automated email response. Reply to this email. We have got human responses this way.

If there is a feature you want, or you have a suggestion to make to Blogger, go to Blogger Wishlist.

Update: I have got an email from a reader saying that he accidentally deleted his blog. After contacting Blogger support, and after a series of email, he has got his blog undeleted!!!! So folks, there is hope.

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