How to redirect from old url to new url

Update 2: This post is not meant for custom domain. This is my comment to JC’s comment on redirecting to a custom domain: “JC I am guessing from what you posted that you are asking Blogger to redirect a blogspot blog to a domain you have already purchased. This post is for those who have a website (which can be a blogspot URL) which the blogger do not want to change to custom domain or delete the blog, to another website (which may be another blogspot blog or any website.”

You want to use a new url for your blog. Your site have been indexed and have many incoming links. You want to keep you original url but want viewers to be automatically redirected to another website with the url This is how you do it. Paste this code (Note: whenever you want to make any changes to the template, it is always wise to backup the template first. If you are not familiar with that, refer to this post: Backing up and changing your Blogger template.

Update 5 May 2007. For those using New Blogger template, use


Notice the space between url= and /”

somewhere in between the tags like this:

Update 12 May 2007: I have tested the above method and also other methods using Javascript, but all of them resulted in a 404 error (Page not found). I think blogspot blogs are very prone to hijacking by spammers who do a redirect to their own sites. I think this has come to the notice of Blogger and probably they have done something that makes the method not work anymore.

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