Migration to the New Blogger (previously beta)

I finally made the decision to migrate my old (classic) Blogger account to the new (formerly beta)
account dispite many horror stories of not seeing blogs in the Dashboard, problems editing post,
taking hours or even days to migrate, etc. Fortunately the migration went smoothly and this blog is now in the new Blogger account, but still using the classic template. The reason why I am still using the classic template is partly because of my test of how the sitesearch bar will turn out if I use Ramani’s 3 column fixed width template. I did a test blog: Test Ramani’s Template. As you can see, the result
is unacceptable.

However, there is a pleasant suprise. In the old Blogger account, each time you change settings, you have to republish. With the new Blogger account, even though I have not migrated to the new Blogger template, I don’t need to republish. Further, I can now add labels to my posts, though I still do not know how I can use this feature without Layout (which is only available with the new Blogger template). Probably, the labels will only be shown at the bottom of the post, but I will probably not be able to add a list of labels in the sidebar. We will see what happens when I publish this post.

Well, after publishing, I see the label “test” and “migration” at the bottom of the post. If only there is a way to get the list of labels into the sidebar without having to migrate to the new Blogger template.

UPDATE 22 January 2007: See post Advantages of migrating to the New Blogger (formerly beta) even if you keep the old (classic) template

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