Centering the text and putting a centered caption below the photos

Centering Text
This post is to answer a question for a reader of my blogs who want the text centered and to have a caption below the photos. The easy way to center text is to work in the Compose Mode by clicking on the COMPOSE tab in the top right-hand corner of the post editor. Prepare your post in the Post Editor window in the normal way, and then when you are finished, highlight all the text, then click the Align Center tab in the Post Editor toolbar, and the text will all be center aligned.
Putting a caption for the photo
To put a caption for the photo, you have no choice, but to do it in the EDIT HTML mode. Upload a picture. By default, the picture will be uploaded to the top of the post editor irrespective of where your cursor is. I am going to upload a picture the remnants of an old Portugese fort in Malacca, Malaysia (copyrighted by Tourism, but can be used for the purpose of promote tourism to Malaysia. I am also posting this photo in the hope that you will visit Malaysia as Malaysia is having a Visit Malaysia Year now with lots of programs prepared for visitors. See Guide to Malaysia).
A’Formosa, MalaccaA’Formosa, Malacca, Malaysia
As I have mentioned in earlier posts, it will be useful to know a bit about HTML and CSS as it is very hard to avoid it even if you are using the New Blogger, just as you cannot avoid it now.
When I use the “Align center” icon above, what I have done is to surround the text with the and tags, that is put at the beginning of the text, and at the end of the text. All text that is placed between these 2 tags will be center-aligned.

When I uploaded the photo, if I switch to the EDIT HTML mode, I will see at the top of the HTML for the photo which is this:

It will be above the tag. (This blog is still using the old (classic) template, but with the New Blogger template, the HTML will be slightly different, but similar). To place it elsewhere, highlight the whole HTML, cut and paste in the spot you want it to be. Regarding the caption, all you have to do is to look for the last tag, and type in the caption, eg.”BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5022244686822436482″ />A’Formosa, Malacca, Malaysia. This caption is centered because it is already included in the text-align center tags. If your texts are not center aligned, then you will have to type the caption as A’Formosa, Malacca, Malaysia.

Search engines cannot read pictures. For search engine purposes, and also so that text will be displayed when for some reasons the picture can’t be displayed, add some description between the quotation marks in the alt”” attribute, eg alt=”A’Formosa, Malacca, Malaysia”. And for the caption to be centered, make sure it is pasted before the last tag, otherwise you will have to center it yourself.

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