Blogger Tips and Tricks

How to backup your blog

Backing up your Blogger blog Why is it important to backup your blog? You got to protect it from accidental delete (not rare). Another matter to consider is the stability of the blogging and web hosting service and its hardware. Blogger, even though backed up by the giant Google, faced some hiccups recently because of …

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Blogger template tutorial

Blogger templateA template is a set of HTML files which define the appearance and functionality of the blog. You can use the templates that are provide by Blogger, customize the provided template or write your own. To access Blogger template, log into the Dashboard, select the blog, click TEMPLATE tab. You will see the template …

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Blogger for Dummies is now 3-column

Update 4 November 2006: For those looking for 3 column template for Blogger beta, please refer to postBlogger Beta: 3 column templateMore new Blogger (formerly beta) templates modified by StavangerNew Blogger template for posting large photos, etc. (note: Blogger for Dummies went back from 3 column to 2 column is back to 3 column again. …

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